Lady Lucy’s Gallant Knight

Set against the bleak majestic era of the Middle Ages, this tale of mystery, adventure and romance takes place in the time of serfs, lords, kings and knights saving damsels in distress. Lady Lucy is a lovely, yet strong willed, 13-year-old, determined to marry for love, even though her greedy father Baron Geoffrey insists she marry a rich lord’s son.

When an unknown handsome peasant named Peter rescues her from drowning, she sets her heart on him, even though he’s just a servant. But when Lady Lucy is kidnapped by dangerous thieves and her castle is being attacked by an evil lord with his huge army, can Lady Lucy escape with her life? Will Peter rise to the test and prove to everyone that his gallantry is worthy of her love?

Travel in the Middle Ages, in the midst of fairs, jousting tournaments, and castle sieges, and meet knights and heroes who clash swords with villains and risk their lives for ladies’ hearts.


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