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Awards for Castle in Danger

  • Book Excellence Award Winner for Children’s Fiction
  • National Indie Excellence Awards – Winner Children’s Fiction Book Award
  • International Book Awards – Award–Winning Finalist Children’s Fiction Book Award
  • Royal Dragonfly Book Awards – 1st Place Children’s Book Award
  • Purple Dragonfly Book Awards – Children’s Book Award, Historical Fiction
  • Foreword INDIEFAB Children’s Book Awards – Finalist


Book Ellence Award – Children’s Fiction

Purple Dragonfly Award: Castle in Danger, 1st Place Winner-Chapter Castle in Danger, 2nd Place Winner-Historical Fiction Castle in Danger, 2nd Place Winner-Best Cover Design

Royal Dragonfly Book Awards – 1st Place Children’s Book Award

Reviews for Castle in Danger

This time the story sparked her interest and she continued to read. She liked the character Emma and was excited to continue reading to see what would happen next.

She enjoyed the adventures that were taken in the book. She said it was exciting at times with mystery and surprises.

This book is written for the age group of 8-13 years old. She enjoyed the book and would recommend it to other kids her age.”

Brenda Anderson, Brenda’s Kids Books


“Written especially for young adult readers eight and up… An extraordinary glimpse into the daily life, hardships, and challenges of the Middle Ages, Castle in Danger is highly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch, The Fiction Shelf


“Readers ages nine to twelve … will receive stories of Emma’s adventures… attention to rich historical details is what sets her story apart from others… Castle in Danger is … key to understanding the Middle Ages, and will delight middle school

readers looking for a lively rendition of the period, packaged …of an adventure and mystery.”

Donovan’s Literary Services, California Bookwatch


“… for children ages nine to twelve… has learning value and is entertaining to read. A great book for young children to read!”

Andrea Yanke, Editor, Glimpse Reviews, Saskatchewan, Canada


“…it’s a really great book… I really recommend this book to people who like exciting stories and who are interested in the Medieval times.”

Mr. J., Glimpse Review, Saskatchewan, Canada


“I received a copy of this book …children ages 9-12 will enjoy the story especially the characters. It’s a fun adventure story that both boys and girls will enjoy reading.”

Ms. Denise Anderson, SoCal City Kids


“The story includes mystery, suspense… that I am sure will be pleasing to that age group. I found the book to be well written, age appropriate and educational.”

Story Wraps


“Not only will this keep your 8 – 13 reading to the very end they will also be learning what is was like to live in the Middle Ages! I could actually see this being used by home schooling Mom’s as an educational tool as there is a glossary at the end which gives the present day definition to the terms used in the book for those words back then.”

Michele Bodenheimer, Miki’s Hope Blog


My daughters love to read. The older one likes fantasy books and the younger likes books about ninjas and warriors. Both found something to enjoy in a book I recently got to review, Castle in Danger by Karen Rita Rautenberg.

This historical fiction novel is set during the Middle Ages in the 14th Century. Designed for children eight to twelve, it follows the story of Emma, who is sweet and pretty and lives in a castle with Baron Geoffrey. When this rich young girl is saved from an accident by a handsome young peasant, they have adventures along the way. The friendship develops as they try to keep the family jewels safe from thieves, search for a missing cousin, and witness battles and a siege at her uncle’s castle.

As children read the novel, they’ll be exposed to a variety of Medieval traditions, including jousting tournaments, town fairs, and holidays like Christmas and All Hallow’s Eve. It was a well-written book – both of my children loved reading it, and I enjoyed it too!

Bekah, Blogger, Motherhood Moment


I gave this book to my granddaughter to read. She is 9 years old. The first chapter didn’t really get her excited so she put the book down for a few weeks. Her mom got her to start reading it again and then she got into the book. She said they took lots of adventures in the book which made the book exciting to read. (reviewers copy)

Brenda Anderson, (also reviewed on


Testimonials for Castle in Danger

Children will love Castle in Danger because it’s so exciting.The siege is very important because it shows how one greedy lord could just take over someone’s castle during the Middle Ages. It also describes the way that they celebrated Halloween and other holidays, and how the peasants and nobility lived. It’s also fascinating to go back to a time where there was no electricity and just candles. The book is excellent for children and pre-teens.

Lucille – grandmother


Castle in Danger is a book with well written with realistic characters, in-depth descriptions of clothing, décor, food, and habits of the time, with interesting period detail. This makes it easy to picture the scenes and imagine yourself in them. I enjoyed this book, which had a nice blend of joyful occasions, peril, drama and humor. It has exciting scenes with horseback riding, jousting matches, town fairs, and battles. I would highly recommend it for girls and boys 8 to 13.

Moera Shapiro, Transcriber, Artist and Avid Reader


Castle in Danger is voyage into the majestic, mystical world of the Middle Ages. Reading this book, I could deeply relate to the protagonist, Emma, a sweet, young girl of nobility, who meets a handsome humble young peasant, Thomas, when he saves her from a death-defying accident. Emma’s sense of fairness, justice and courage in the face of adversity making me root for her, as I gang on the edge of my seating reading the castle seizure, kidnappings and other intrigue that fills the pages. I can nearly taste the foods described vividly during the Christmas festival. Castle in Danger is a moving, intense novel that can serve as fascinating, motivating reading for young people. As an educator in the New York City School system, I would highly recommend it.

Kevin Degidon





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