Castle in Danger

Castle in Danger is a richly evocative historical fiction novel set in the time of the Middle Ages in the 14thCentury.

It tells the story of 16 year old Lady Emma, a very pretty and kind-hearted girl, who lives in a castle with her rich father, Baron Geoffrey. She meets a handsome, young peasant, Thomas, when he saves her from a frightening accident. They become friends and are thrown into many adventures. Thieves try to steal Emma’s and her father Baron Geoffrey’s jewels.

There is mystery and adventure with battles and a siege in her uncle’s castle and a harrowing journey through the forests and countryside searching for Emma’s missing cousin Helen, as well as personal intrigue and romance involving the main characters.

The story weaves jousting tournaments, town fairs, scrumptious feasts, holidays, Christmas and All Hallow’s Eve, and Medieval traditions.

Well-crafted and laden with entertainment and learning value, Castle in Danger is intended for young adults ages eight to thirteen.

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