Castle in Danger

Travel back in time and you’ll feel that you are living in the exciting Middle Ages in the early 14th  century. Emma, a pretty and kind girl of nobility, lives with her father, Baron Geoffrey, in a huge castle. She meets a handsome, young peasant, Thomas, who saves her from an accident. They become friends and are thrown into many mysteries and adventures together.


  • Can Emma and her friends solve the mysteries of what happened to her cousin Helen and find a little girl Alma whose mean uncle snatched her away?
  • Will Emma be saved from three thieves who are trying to steal her father’s silver, gold and jewels from their castle?
  • Can evil Lord Utredus and his knights take over Emma’s uncle’s castle?
  • Will Emma’s dreams come true, and could Thomas get his dream of becoming a knight?

Castle in Danger is a richly evocative historical fiction novel set in the time of the Middle Ages in the 14th Century.


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